1. Destination

From the recording Destination


Riding on the evening train
Another day is through
This line of steel, this snake on wheels
Carries me home to you
Scenes flash by my window
Like photographs in line
Each frame a separate moment
In the long passage of time

I have traveled many roads
On my way to you
Up mountains steep, through canyons deep
Down lonely avenues
That I’d drive past dark
No signs from the stars
No compass and no guide
No clear path to my

On the streets of my hometown
All those years ago
We rode in cars, didn’t go far
Just listened to the radio
Every Friday night
On streets with no stoplights
The main street drag moved slow
Sweet, simple days with no

And it’s a long, long road
When you’re searching for a home
It’s a long, long way
So you take it day by day

Late October, getting colder
I walked into that room
A line of chairs, you were sitting there
I sat down next to you
Just when you’re not looking
A dream you can’t foresee
Appears right before you
And the rest is history

Now I’ve got one more stop tonight
Then I’ll be home
My soul is weary from this time on the road
But your love is waiting at the end of the line
And life is fine
Your arms are my