September 7, 2007 - Tonight I stopped by the Java Cat 5 in Emporia (610 Merchant St.) and heard Lisa Moritz sing. I’m a lyrics freak. And I LOVED Lisa’s lyrics. From her song, “I Make Room,” she sang: “All the past you hold within/ Stays like a bruise beneath your skin/ Slightest touch and its back again.” Yeah. Wow. Song after song, magical lyrics. She has two CDs: Dream of Blue and Holding Time. OK, yes, I bought both. Lisa’s husband, Kevin Rabas, accompanied her on the snare drum. Lisa grew up in the small town of Tipton, Kansas and now lives in Emporia. Kevin Rabas teaches creative writing at ESU and recently published Bird’s Horn, a book of poetry. You can hear Lisa Moritz at the Java Cat 5 the first Friday of every month.” - Cheryl Unruh