A Favorite Poem 

Happy Spring, everyone! I meant to post this poem prior to Mother's Day, but alas, I am a few weeks late. Even so, I think it is worth posting today, while spring is still bursting around us everywhere, and the fragrance of rain and heat and blossoms and newly cut grass summon nostalgic memories every time I step outside. I find this to be an extremely beautiful and moving poem. I have yet to read the final stanzas without tears. It is written by former U.S. Poet Laureate, Ted Koozer, and is…

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A Loss for Words 

Greetings to everyone on this final Friday of 2007. I am sitting down at the computer today as Eliot takes his nap with nothing to say really, but I am starting to type anyway just to see what might reveal itself. For several weeks now I’ve been thinking I should add a new note here but couldn’t think of anything to write about. I seem to be at a loss for words these days. Recently I have come up with three new pieces of music (one with distinct verse, chorus, and bridge sections for a new song and two…

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Tea and Talk 

Today I had the opportunity to play a few songs and talk about my songwriting process to a group of retired professors (and others) at the Sauder Alumni Center at ESU. This group meets weekly on Thursday afternoons for “Tea and Talk” and invites various guests to come and speak on a wide variety of topics. The program is unstructured and includes an informal question and answer session where the featured speaker and the audience can interact. It was truly a pleasure for me to get to share my music with…

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New Look 

Hey all, I'm up late tonight setting up my new web site through HostBaby.com--hope you like the new look! I'm looking forward to having a site that I will actually be able to update quickly and easily (no HTML required!), and hopefully I'll do a better job about keeping in touch with all of you out there. Look for more "News" soon. Love and Peace, Lisa

Summer Note 

Wow, it’s already mid-August. I can’t believe 2006 is already heading toward it’s end. Only one quarter of the year is left. The past eight months have gone by quickly, and as I think about it now, I really have no recollection of the spring. Summer has been busy with many events--a family reunion (my mother’s family) in my hometown of Tipton, two weddings (my niece Erin in Omaha, and our good friend Tim Behrens in KC), two birthdays (both Eliot and Kevin in July), and a literary conference (with Kevin) in…

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Christmas Eve 

It’s the day before Christmas, Eliot is playing with his cars on the rug behind me. Kevin is in Kansas City today attending a Chief’s football game with his dad and his future brother-in-law. The whole Rabas family will be in Emporia tomorrow to celebrate the holiday. One week ago, the whole Moritz clan was here--except for my two sisters out in Western Kansas who couldn’t make it due to heavy snow. It was so wonderful for me to have my family here. Our big old house really felt like a home, and since my…

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First Note 

It’s the autumn, and I’m writing my first official “Note.” It’s a new beginning at a time of year when so many things are coming to an end. The oaks and maples on our street are starting to turn and the sun hides its face early in the evening these days. While I mourn the loss of light, the cooler days and nights are such a welcome change to the heat and humidity we had here all summer and that continued to stretch its heaviness across most of September I recently started performing again with a gig…

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