1. These Words

From the recording These Words


Some girls have lovely voices
They sing and it sounds like birds
Some girls they get the boys
And me, well I’ve got these words

These words that come from nowhere
Take shape and then take flight
I’m the girl you never notice
Until you hear me late at night

When I sing them for free
Sing them a little off key
But if there’s something that you need
You can find me on your frequency
I’m flying low, I’m reaching deep
Take these words
Take these words
Take these words from me.
Take these words from me.

Your memory is your master
It’s got you on a chain
Since your lover left you standing
On the back step in the rain

Now it’s late, you’re driving, driving
Down on main street heading north
Past the Subway and China Palace
Home to nothing but my voice

You’ll find something you know
A heart the shade of indigo
Hold it in your hand like a precious stone
To remind you that you’re not alone

Some girls have lovely faces . . .
I’ve got these words
I’ve got these words for you