1. Tired of Red

From the recording Tired of Red


Once it was my favorite hue
Passion flower, luscious fruit
Now I say it’s green or blue
I’ve grown tired of red

There was a time I wore it proud
I used to stand out in a crowd
Now I’m quiet, it’s too loud
I’ve grown tired of red

But long ago I new its name
Held its power, felt its flame
Back when my heart was never tame

The season changed, I can’t say when
But this rose will never bloom again
Just like a leaf at autumn’s end
I’m tired of red

Yes, once it was the first I’d choose
Now I pick gray, I sing the blues
There must be something that we lose . . .

So wrap it up or tone it down
Add some green and make it brown
I no longer paint the town

Except for what flows through my veins
The only scarlet that remains
Is my umbrella when it rains

I light no fires
I turn no heads
I’m tired of red