1. Autumn Light

From the recording Autumn Light


There is a sadness I know
In the shadows that grow
In the late afternoon
They stretch back across
To the years that are lost
And dreams that ended too soon

And it’s no surprise
When the September sky
Reminds me it’s getting late
Better run, better dance,
Seize each breath, each chance
Don’t you wait

All that I feel is the coming of night
In low autumn light
I pray the promise of spring isn’t a lie
Give me time

One day I walked
Through the dry leaves and stalks
Of a milo field after the cut
What used to be
Stretched all around me
A colorless sea of what was

But you can’t go back
To the red love you had
When the flame has lost it spark
You just start again
And pretend
You’re not scared of the dark

(Repeat chorus)

December snow
Will come soon I know
And we’ll walk with coats buttoned high
Under the mist
Dreams still exist
Held like our breath deep inside

So I’ll hold my love close
As we walk among ghosts
Who say: this is the end
On to some sacred place
Where warm light and grace
Come again

(Repeat Chorus)

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