1. Connection

From the recording Connection


Find the gate, make your connection
I make my departure by a double line
My heart won’t break, it only stretches
I feel a pull as you take flight

In this time of separation
I make my way by a line unseen
That binds our hearts, guides navigation
Across the days and miles between

Keep the faith, get a handle
Light a lonely candle and watch it burn
Fill the space, change the channel
Count the hours and minutes till you return

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, I know currents flow
‘Cause when you’re gone I feel you’re here
There’s no way to explain
The solid way our hearts connect
All our lines intersect
Ever since the day we met
Our path has been clear

In the blue dawn, hear my voice calling
I will sing you forth into each day
Across a distant lawn with dark night falling
Listen and my voice will guide your way

And every night of separation
I say your name before I sleep
A quiet prayer, a declaration
Of all the love I send and keep
Till you’re back home with me