1. Here We Know

From the recording Here We Know


Here a constant, quiet beauty
Rises from a tall grass floor
Low hills move, a body breathing
Under sky where less is more
And here we know the solid comfort
That comes from living near the earth
Nothing here to scrape the sky
But blade of windmill, wing of bird

You might think
Of our lives here as something less
You might say
All this space is emptiness
You don’t see
The countless ways our lives are blessed
With room to move, solid roots
Simple truth and happiness

You pass through on the interstate
Your eyes set on another place
Ride the blacktop across the open plains
Blind to beauty, blind to grace
Blind to beauty, blind to grace

Here night folds back its dark cover
Until every single star lies bare
And in the solemn peace of small town streets
We walk late and don’t feel scared
And every sunrise brings a new light
To field and fence and gravel road
We hold a harvest deep within us
Long clean lines stretch through our bones

If you feel
You have almost nothing left
If you need
A quiet place to stop and rest
In between
Where you’re going and
Where you’ve been

Just bring your troubles
And your crowded head
Let go your worries
On the prairie wind
Build a new day
From this limestone bed
Feel the strength you lost rise again
Feel the strength you lost rise again
In Kansas