1. I Make Room

From the recording I Make Room


Tonight you play it back again
The walking out, the caving in
Dream the form of her small hands
Can’t lose the one you didn’t win
She stays with you
When it begins, I feel her with you

Your story started long ago
Before I could ever know
How my love would start and grow
Now it blooms a flower deep below
That I can give you
Oh let me show what I can give you

In this room it feels so close
All we want and fear the most
What we’ve lost, what we hold
You pull away and I let you go

I make room
For all your ghosts and grief and wounds
I stretch wide
An endless sea, the open sky
No limit to this love I have inside
I make room

All the past you hold within
Stays like a bruise beneath your skin
Slightest touch and it’s back again
No warning how or why or when
It might remind you
The smallest thing can remind you

I sit through silence, walk through night
Swim the rivers that you cry
I wait, I run, I reach and climb
Search the lonely distance of your eyes
Until I find you
There’s no rest inside until I find you

(Repeat Chorus)

And it’s no sacrifice
I make room