Tea and Talk

Today I had the opportunity to play a few songs and talk about my songwriting process to a group of retired professors (and others) at the Sauder Alumni Center at ESU. This group meets weekly on Thursday afternoons for “Tea and Talk” and invites various guests to come and speak on a wide variety of topics. The program is unstructured and includes an informal question and answer session where the featured speaker and the audience can interact. It was truly a pleasure for me to get to share my music with this group today. I love to talk about my songs, about the stories behind them, about how they evolve slowly or come quickly as a gift out of nowhere. And as someone who focuses a lot on lyrics, it was wonderful to play for people who listened to every word and who were thoughtful and attentive and intelligent. I was thinking on the way home how age is often invisible in terms of the greater human experience. Many of the audience members today were more than 30 years older than me, and yet connections were still being made. Then I thought about my poet friend, Laura Myers, who is nearly 20 years younger than me, and who comes to nearly every one of my Java Cat gigs because she connects in some way with my words as well. Life is beautiful that way. There is something universal that unites us all. Tonight I am grateful for having had the chance to share myself with others and tap into that connection. I go to bed feeling blessed. Love and Peace, Lisa

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